Monday, January 25, 2010

Impossible Girl - 33

IGirl scanned the line of vehicles outside the airport. Nothing resembling her ride. Just the stretch Hummer with Mark the prat opening the passenger door for her.

She got in and he followed. Taking the seat opposite.

‘What, you’re not my driver?’ IGirl spat between clenched teeth.

‘I could take you for a drive baby.’

He leaned toward her just as the automatic window slid down. Lenses poked their way into the car. The bastard was puckering up to kiss her so she slapped him. The light from the camera flashes intensified.

‘Drive, drive now,’ she yelled at the driver.

This was proving difficult with two cameramen clinging to the door frame. She flicked the button to raise the window and the driver pulled away from the curb.

‘You f#$%ing bastard.’ She wanted to bite him. Rip the conceited grin off his face with her teeth.

He was sitting back. One arm across the back of the seat, his legs stretched and casually open.

‘I was doing you a favour, the publicity will be amazing.’

She lifted her foot and shoved her heel into his groin. The look of pain that shot across his face WAS amazing.

‘What exactly do you want Mark?’ It had been such a promising start to Tokyo. However brief.

‘Unh, I came to offer you something. Something you WILL want. Don’t know if I’m feeling so generous now.’

His phone buzzed and he pulled himself together and answered it. Russian? She didn't know he spoke Russian. IGirl stared out the window as he talked to whoever and central Tokyo emerged before her.

'... Spasiba.'

‘Are you going to tell me what it is that I'll want so much,’ she asked as he hung up. Despite herself she wanted to know what was on offer.

‘Are you going to kiss my cock better?’ His smile still looked a little hurt.

‘Let’s skip the foreplay and get to the point Mark.’

‘An apology at least?’

‘I’m still waiting on a queue of apologies from you.’ She wished it back the minute it was out of her mouth. It made her sound vulnerable, like those memories still mattered.

Mark sucked it up. Better than an apology.

‘There’s a new filly in my stable. You’re going to want to take a look at her.’

He was using this language to goad her. Remind her of the flesh she had been to him. IGirl wished she could push him out of the car.

‘I can choose from the models tomorrow.’

‘I came to offer you an exclusive.’

Mark was an asshole but on the subject of women and image he was a maestro. If this model was as good as he claimed an exclusive was valuable.

‘Is the offer still open?’ IGirl hated negotiating with him. Especially now. But this week was important.

‘Of course. It’s in lieu of my absent apologies.’

‘When can I meet her?’ IGirl chose to ignore his bait.

‘Join us for a drink tonight.’

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Impossible Girl - 32


Why the hell would you want to join the mile high club? She bashed her elbow against the lock on the door for the third time. Be like f#$%ing in a sardine tin. A final dab of black under her eye. Under these circumstances it would do. She was ready.

An amused business man hits the wall of paparazzi ahead of her. He keeps glancing back at her, obviously wondering what the fuss is about. IGirl follows the path he has carved through the lenses. Camera’s flash. Someone from the Airline is saying that they need to move aside, they still have three hundred people to get off the plane.

Questions fire along with the flashes.
‘You’re back’.
‘What is it with you and Japanese Fashion Week?’
‘Will you see Mark Snashell while you’re here?’

‘Yes, I’m back’, IGirl forces her lips into a half smile. She would answer their questions on her way to the exit where a car is apparently waiting. The airline would deliver her luggage to the hotel.

She kept her gait slow enough to signal encouragement. This was a business trip after all.

‘I love this event. It’s never afraid to take risks and it does it so courteously.’

‘And Mark? Will you see Mark Snashell while you’re here?’

That question again. It wasn’t so much difficult as it was dull. To IGirl anyway, obviously to other people it was fascinating.

She reinstates her smile. A photo of her irritated frown would probably be twisted into a moment of emotional turmoil at the mention of Mark’s name.

‘If Mark’s here, I’m sure I will see him.’

‘Is it true you’ve broken up with Rowan Bark?’ Another question she expected but still hurts. And it’s served up within the auspice of truth.

‘I don’t know what the truth is but I don’t think it’s that.’

Not a single question or comment about the collection. She had to use every ounce of mental energy she had left to swallow her contempt. It wasn’t their job after all. And Roly was right, this hype sold more frocks than a dozen good reviews.

She would be interviewed by ‘real’ fashion journalists later in the week. A prospect which always terrified her. If the paparazzi were vultures the fashion media were tigers, flashing you their beautiful coat one minute, tearing you apart the next.

The dozen or so photographers and ‘reporters’ that had met her at her gate were still tailing her but the camera’s had eased off and no one was bothering to question her anymore.

She was envisioning that long hot bath and congratulating herself on the way she had handled the paparazzi when she saw him. Through the exit doors, casually leaning against the waiting SUV. He smiled and raised his hand in a wave.

The clicks and flashes whirred into a new found frenzy. She was almost knocked off her platform heels by a photographer eager to get a close up of the moment.

F#$%ing Mark. It was just like him to pull a stunt like this.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Studio IMP - 10

IMP Studio visit Part 3 Photos by Arthorse Jo - Jo Chang- creative documenter extraodinaire -