Monday, November 30, 2009

Sketchbook - 17


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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sketchbook - 16

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Impossible Girl - 30


I can’t be responsible for your guilt
Conversation #IG (IGirl) RB (Rowan Bark)

RB: I can’t be responsible for your guilt..
IG: You can’t be responsible for anything but your own comfort..
RB: Is my love not good enough for you?
IG: F*#$ Rowan I just drugged and bled a kid…
RB: You did what you had to do.
IG: Why can’t you be here for me?
RB: Do you want me to go and check the kid’s still breathing?
IG: NO. God why don’t you get it.
RB: I do get it. There’s just nothing I can do about it.
IG: Mr cool calm and f*cking conscience free…
RB: Don’t take this out on me.
IG: I just want you to share it.
RB: I’m not going to crucify myself every time I need to feed.
IG: What are you going to do?
RB: I’m not a bad person.
IG: We don’t know what the f*#$ we are.
RB: We know as much as anyone..

It’s business time
Conversation #IG (IGirl) Roly

IG: It’s not what I want.
Roly: What you want is unaffordable
IG: What’s the point then? I may as well do a range for Target.
Roly: I thought I was the princess in this partnership.
IG: You are.. I’m the Queen.
Roly: Ha ha.. your royal highness needs to keep it real.
IG: The reality of that dress is the flow of the fabric.
Roly: You can’t run a business without a profit margin.
IG: Well charge more. Treat it as a signature piece rather than a rack piece.
Roly: Someone will just rip it off.. we may as well give it away..
IG: I want to create beauty…
Roly: Oh get off the stool..
IG: It’s my vision that makes this business Roly..
Roly: Alright, maybe we can do signature piece and a rack version, make you happy?
IG: Yes