Sunday, February 21, 2010

Impossible Girl - 35

IGirl felt it when she walked through the door. A thickening of the air. A presence with more gravity than it’s mass.

She wasn’t exactly beautiful. Cheekbones not quite full enough, lips on the thin side, plus she had the gap. Yesterday’s bad teeth were today’s most prized possession in the industry. Belle had the gap and something else. An attitude that dared you to look behind the mask.

It wasn't comfortable but something definitely got under your skin. Mark was right. She was perfect for the IGirl range.

‘I’ll leave you girls to it.’ The tone of voice was all Mark but walking out on a business introduction wasn’t. Especially when the introduction involved two attractive women and a bar. It had to be a very important meeting for him to leave this.

Belle must have been close to IGirl’s age. A latecomer to modelling. Too old for pubescent sensitivity to the trade. She looked tough enough to fend off a dozen bitchy models, a sleazebag agent and a handful of old pervert photographers without breaking a sweat.

‘What do you think?’

She was direct too.

‘Can you do my look?’

‘Like this?’ Belle’s face was a death mask, so absolutely soulless it made IGirl flinch.

‘Can you walk in a 4 inch heel?’ She recovered herself quickly though there was something about that look that scraped IGirl to the bone.

‘Like a sex on a stick.’ And just like that Belle’s face went from soulless to the fullness of lust.

There wasn’t much left to discuss. Belle was the gift you would choose for yourself. The thing you would max out your credit card for without blinking. She was going to own the catwalk. Together they would blow the stage out from under Japanese Fashion Week. IGirl was already dressing and styling her in her mind.

‘Do you have anything in your room I could try on?’

It was as if Belle had read her mind. Her eyes and a brush of her hand suggested another motive for visiting IGirl’s hotel suite.

It was a tempting offer. IGirl couldn’t help herself. She thought about biting in to Belle’s thigh and her mouth watered and she had to swallow. Visibly.

Belle didn’t miss a trick and the display flushed her lust with confidence.

‘We should try things on each other,’ she said before IGirl had the chance to speak.

Mark must have known the models ‘preference’. Perhaps she was bi and he was planning a party with both of them after the show. It would be just like him. Always trying to find a way back in.

‘I think tomorrow will be soon enough,’ IGirl forced herself to say. It was the sort of weakness that if surrendered to could really f*#$ with your business plan.


Title -14



Thursday, February 4, 2010

Impossible Girl - 34

The bath was deep and spacious and filled with suds. She sat submersed, sipping a glass of rich, chocolately red and listening to the soft music filtering from the speakers. Japanese Fleetwood-Mac covers. Tell me Lies. How lush. Her only regret - he wasn’t here.

The decision was made though. Rowan needed his space and so did she. Romantic holidays together might ease their problems but they didn’t make them go away.

It would work itself out… or it wouldn’t. No choice really. They were tied. This ‘thing’ had bound them more tightly than marriage. Perhaps that was the problem.

For now she would work. And working meant meeting Mark and the new model downstairs in an hour. IGirl sighed and reached for her towel.


Mark was alone when she arrived. Chewing a toothpick, glass empty in front of him. Asshole probably planned it that way. She looked around for a photographer.

‘What, no Papps to photograph our romantic date?’ she said as she sat down.

‘I’d rather have a date with a proctologist. This is a business meeting and you’re late.’

He was peeved. Edgy about something. IGirl doubted it was over the incident in the Hummer. Something else?

‘By nine minutes and it looks like our third party isn’t here yet.’

‘She’ll be here.’

She could keep fighting him but what was the point. Someone had to break the ice.

‘Is something wrong?’

He looked like sh#$. It was seven hours since she had left him in the back of the Limo but from the look of him it could have been seven years. His face was dry and lined, even the skin on his hands was flaky. Mark looked haggard.

‘My afternoon appointment didn’t turn up that’s all. Minor issue I should have resolved in an hour or so.’

‘You look like you need a good sleep.’

‘Am I sensing some concern? The ice maiden cares?’ Even tired Mark was a flirt.

‘It’s listed on my resume under weaknesses.’

‘See, we do have fun together.’

‘Sometimes,’ IGirl conceded.

‘I’m sorry I snapped. Belle will be here soon, then I’ll leave.’

‘Really, you’re not going to stay and have one drink?’

‘There’s something I really need to do.’