Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Impossible Girl - 40

Arriving home to a sh*#storm
Conversation # IG (IGirl) DB (Detective Beekhuyzen) DD (Detective Daniels)

DB: Do you want a coffee? We got you a coffee. Are you comfortable?

IG: Of course I’m not comfortable.

DD: We understand you have been in Japan for the last nine days?

IG: What’s going on? Am I accused of something?

DD: When was the last time you spoke to your boyfriend?

IG: I want to know why I’m sitting in this room instead of in a taxi on my way home.

DB: Your apartment has been searched.

IG: What? DB: Detective Daniels?

DD: A search warrant was issued as part of our investigation.

IG: What investigation?

DD: A woman’s body has been found. She was last seen getting into a taxi with your boyfriend. Items of interest were collected from your apartment.

IG: Wha.. who is she?

DD: We’re not at liberty to divulge that information.

DB: Do you know how to contact Rowan Bark?

IG: No! He’s not answering his mobile.. if he’s not in the apartment I don’t…

DB: Are you aware of your boyfriend’s fetish for spiking and sucking blood from his sexual partners?

IG: I want a lawyer.

DB: We simply want you to co-operate in our investigation.

IG: Rowan is into a lot of things Detective but he wouldn’t kill anybody!

DD: What about you? Are you into the same things?

IG: F&%^ this, I want a lawyer!

DB: Can you give us any information pertaining to the whereabouts of Rowan Bark?

IG: I haven’t spoken to him for a week! God what if something has happened to him?

DB: We’re as keen to locate him as you are. When exactly did you last speak to him?

IG: It… it was late, after my show opened on the 6th.

DD: He called to congratulate you? IG: Not exactly… kind of.

DD: Which was it?

IG: We had a fight ok.

DB: Was he very angry?

IG: I’m not saying any more until I get a lawyer.

DB: No need. You can go. IG: What about my apartment?

DB: It’s been secured. We don’t consider it a crime scene at this time. If you have any concerns you can contact my office.

IG: So that’s it?

DB: For the moment. If you hear from Rowan notify us immediately. Likewise if you plan on leaving the city for any length of time. Here’s my card.

DD: One more thing. We’ll be making a statement to the media later in the day. Rowan’s name will be released as a person wanted for questioning pertaining to the case.