Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Studio IMP 23


64 page Zine
Limited edition of 80
The Impossible Place presents - Miscreants No.1
Signed and numbered
Email us if you want one

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Studio IMP 22 - Gin soaked


Gin soaking a page of text prior to scanning and incorporating into our next publication
The Impossible Place
Miscreants 1.
It's a 68 page wonder sketchbook incorporating images and some random text.
Check it out at Supanova Brisbane (4 - 6 November 2011).

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Studio IMP 21 - Doe



In the city the concrete hurts my feet. Thousands of purposeful little steps but my stride lost. These things on my head grow, they weigh me down, make me less agile. Perhaps they are in my head, grown inward like roots. I listened to every word … who was I to doubt it was the truth? But maybe it was always a myth, a Cinderella fantasy. But if I can picture it mustn’t it be there?


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Studio IMP 20

The theme of this post is 'it's not just because we're slack asses'.

Justification? Possibly... but aside from the fact that we have been super busy in our day jobs and personal life we've also been burning some time considering where we want to take The Impossible Place from here. It's an evolutionary phase.

So for the moment we are focusing on putting new publications together. We haven't completely given up on the work-in-progress idea of the blog and may decide to go back to it at some point. But in the mean time, we'll be using the blog for more random posts, rough drawings and musings such as this, and of course, information about the new publications and at which Cons you can find us!

Thanks for your support and if you ever feel like chatting - come see me on Twitter @IMPGirl


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sketchbook - 25




Thanks for all the support in Sydney
These are some new images perhaps for our next publication
See ya soon (well soonish)


Title - 19



Thursday, June 16, 2011

Studio IMP 19



I'll be hand painting these for you in Sydney. See you there.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Studio IMP 18 - More Supanova

We haven't been as prolific with the posts as we would have liked, but lots going on behind the scenes.

Wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who bought copies of The Impossible Girl 1 at Supanova Brisbane and Melbourne. We were very humbled by some of the wonderful comments and awesome feedback.

All of the book buyers from Bris and Melb Supanova went into the draw for the original IGirl painting - we drew it randomly in May and the painting has since found its way to the winner's home - congrats Candace from the Gold Coast who bought a book in Brisbane.

In other news we will be attending Supanova Sydney next weekend (18 - 19 June) as well!

So if you're going to be at Sydney Supanova please come and visit us!

Chris is able to attend Sydney Supanova thanks to the support of his RADF grant. The Regional Arts Development Fund is a Queensland Government through Arts Queensland and Logan City Council partnership to support local arts and culture.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Impossible Girl - 41


The apartment felt violated. A chemical residue lingered in the air and the cushions on the couch were in the wrong spot. Put in place by someone who didn’t know where they belonged.

She opened her wardrobe and imagined gloved hands touching her clothes, checking the pockets and lining, looking for clues… evidence of wrongdoing.

The Impossible Girl sat on the bed and kicked off her heels. What the f&*k was she going to do?

A bottle of duty free vodka was sitting on the top of her luggage so she unscrewed the cap and took a swig. It took about a millimetre of the edge off. She wondered if Rowan had anything stronger in his special guitar case but then remembered the police search. Detective B*#chface would definitely have mentioned it if they had found anything illegal in the place. The blue fairies? There had been almost a full box and the prescription was legal but a quick search told her they too were gone.

She took another swig of the vodka and sat back down. Thinking of the fairies made her think of her own need. Something had changed since the night with Marc and Belle. The urge was gone. Indefinitely? The Impossible Girl had no idea what was going on but her skin had been fabulous all week and there was no itch, no climbing the walls feeling of emptiness.

From day four of Tokyo Fashion Week she had been preparing for the compulsion to strike, but it never did. Two and a half years on and the disease just disappeared? She hadn’t been able to bring herself to believe it and the thought of the long haul flight made her nervous. On her last night in Tokyo the Impossible Girl had returned the advances of a drunk Japanese male model.

They ended up in her room. He was surprised but also excited when instead of fellating him, she had punctured his inner thigh and sipped from a plump vein beside his scrotum. She’d kicked him out soon after dick in hand. He probably thought she was a freak but it didn’t matter, his lips were sealed. He was engaged to be married to a very lovely girl from a prestigious family.

Had it even been necessary? What the hell was happening? She wanted the truth and she wanted Rowan but it didn’t look like either of them was coming home to her. All she had was a litre of duty free vodka and even that was now half gone. A fat tear rolled down the Impossible Girl’s cheek. She got up to brush her teeth and gurgled with another shot.

Her phone rang just as she fell into bed.


‘It’s me…. God you sound f*#ked up’
- -

Monday, May 2, 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Impossible Girl - 40

Arriving home to a sh*#storm
Conversation # IG (IGirl) DB (Detective Beekhuyzen) DD (Detective Daniels)

DB: Do you want a coffee? We got you a coffee. Are you comfortable?

IG: Of course I’m not comfortable.

DD: We understand you have been in Japan for the last nine days?

IG: What’s going on? Am I accused of something?

DD: When was the last time you spoke to your boyfriend?

IG: I want to know why I’m sitting in this room instead of in a taxi on my way home.

DB: Your apartment has been searched.

IG: What? DB: Detective Daniels?

DD: A search warrant was issued as part of our investigation.

IG: What investigation?

DD: A woman’s body has been found. She was last seen getting into a taxi with your boyfriend. Items of interest were collected from your apartment.

IG: Wha.. who is she?

DD: We’re not at liberty to divulge that information.

DB: Do you know how to contact Rowan Bark?

IG: No! He’s not answering his mobile.. if he’s not in the apartment I don’t…

DB: Are you aware of your boyfriend’s fetish for spiking and sucking blood from his sexual partners?

IG: I want a lawyer.

DB: We simply want you to co-operate in our investigation.

IG: Rowan is into a lot of things Detective but he wouldn’t kill anybody!

DD: What about you? Are you into the same things?

IG: F&%^ this, I want a lawyer!

DB: Can you give us any information pertaining to the whereabouts of Rowan Bark?

IG: I haven’t spoken to him for a week! God what if something has happened to him?

DB: We’re as keen to locate him as you are. When exactly did you last speak to him?

IG: It… it was late, after my show opened on the 6th.

DD: He called to congratulate you? IG: Not exactly… kind of.

DD: Which was it?

IG: We had a fight ok.

DB: Was he very angry?

IG: I’m not saying any more until I get a lawyer.

DB: No need. You can go. IG: What about my apartment?

DB: It’s been secured. We don’t consider it a crime scene at this time. If you have any concerns you can contact my office.

IG: So that’s it?

DB: For the moment. If you hear from Rowan notify us immediately. Likewise if you plan on leaving the city for any length of time. Here’s my card.

DD: One more thing. We’ll be making a statement to the media later in the day. Rowan’s name will be released as a person wanted for questioning pertaining to the case.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Studio IMP 17

Supanova Brisbane - 1st to 3rd of April and Melbourne - 8th - 10th of April. I'll be hand painting these for the fans.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Studio IMP 16 - Supanova

We've been a bit slacko on the posts lately... super busy... but that brings me to point of this post - Supanova.

Chris and I have an artist table at Supanova Brisbane - 1st to 3rd of April and Melbourne - 8th - 10th of April. We will have books available for sale, each book will come with an IGirl art print (if you've bought a book already, bring your book and come see us, we'll give you a print - promise!). Plus each sale will receive an entry into our competition to win an original artwork. There will be some artwork on display and for sale plus Chris will have some portfolio drawings, not for sale but for a squiz if you're interested! We'd love to see you there! Tickets for both events are on sale now... of course it's not just us you're coming to see;) Check out the Supanova website!


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Brooklyn Half - 6


Brook crawled out her window and onto the fire escape. A cold breeze and a wailing siren drifted towards her. Anger had replaced her fear and now exhaustion replaced her anger. She looked out over the lower east side street and hoped the cold would clear her mind. Still, she felt haunted and watched. She couldn’t avoid the feeling that there was something out there... something that was looking and waiting for her. She pulled up the bandage over her ears and felt the ugly stiches. More tears fell and dried on her face and an image of her mother flicked into her head. She thought about what Shaun had said. Could it really be her?

‘It’s not your mother,’ sounded in her mind.

The fire escape began to reverberate. She turned around to see who was coming down.

‘Woouff, woouff’

‘Get that thing Toro’


Mrs Simpkins hairless cat landed on her leg, clawed up her shirt and clung to her chest and shoulder.

Ahhh, F!@#!

Benji from number four and his Great Dane thundered down next, taking the stairs two at a time. Fluffy sheltered against her, tensely clawing her skin as they stormed past.

‘Hey kid’ he said.

‘Jeez Benji,’ she muttered.

‘That cat is one ugly little critter isn’t it?’

He didn’t wait for her response and Brook was left trying to prise the cat off her shoulder.

‘Reee hisss’ the cat spat after them

‘Ahhh, Fluffy you bitch get off.’

She sat back down unplucking its claws and placing it on the stair beside her.

It sat quite still and calm now

She put her hand under her shirt feeling the welts.

‘Ignorance is the greatest ugliness’

She sat quietly stunned. It was as if she had thought the words rather than heard them. They were in her head, but the words were not her own. She looked about frantically.

‘IGNORANCE’ the word resonated in her head like a gong.

She looked down at the cat now and it fixed her with a steady gaze, as if it was reading her reaction. She’d flipped. Without a doubt. Brook shut her eyes as tightly as she could and counted to twenty in a panic. When she opened them again the cat was still sitting beside her, looking patiently up at her.

“He is ignorant. You are ignorant.”

Sane people probably ignored it when a cat spoke to them. Brook thought this was the best approach.

‘And it’s not your mother.’

It was looking right at her. Skinny and bald with absurdly large ears and it was reading her mind and communicating with her.

‘What you see is a cat. To believe only what you see is ignorant.’

‘This isn’t happening, I’m not listening’ It was all Brook could think of to say, she was losing her mind. It was being taken away from her.

‘What is mind? Where can it go? Is it a possession? How can it be lost? How can it be taken?’

‘You’re Mrs Simpkins cat Fluffy; you’ve lived across the hall for as many years as I can remember.’ And now she was arguing with it. Jesus.

‘So certain of that which you are uncertain.’

‘Cats can’t talk.’

‘Exactly, and since we are communicating now your own rational deduction would suggest the truth, that I’m not a cat.’

Brook looked down at the cat and realized, however f*#ked up, the little critter had a point.

‘Rational deduction would suggest I’m a fruitloop.’

‘Human deduction would suggest that. And you are only half, Brooklyn. It will take a while to explain and it is now necessary that I do.’


Friday, January 14, 2011

Deather's Eight Reprise

I don't feel comfortable talking to you
Unless you got the zipper fixed on my shoe